Five hour trip - more info.

This tour is one of the most demanding of our tours and we will start from our Sled Dog Center on Sermermiut Aqq. and further out east of Ilulissat to the foot of the hills. We will go upwards “Akinnaq Portuneq” which is 350 m high. Thereafter we continue further on eastwards and after 2 hours we will reach a point of view. Therefrom it will be possible to overlook the Kangia Icefiord and if the weather is good it should be possible also to see the Icecap. From there we will continue further and go to another viewpoint. There we will have a short break, snacks and coffee or tee. After that we will drive home on the same rute. Total length of tour approximately 35  km.

The tour will give you a really good feeling of the power of the sled dogs and also gives you a feeling of what it means ridding a dogsled. The tour will last approximately 5 hours. But always remember weather can be harsh and will require warm clothing.  We also strong recommend to wear some pack boots to keep your feet warm.

Please notice that we consider dogsledding to be a form of extreme sport and  before we start up, we will give you safety instructions and ask you to sign an “Exclusion of liability”.