Visit Sled Dog Center

If you are a group or a family and wants to visit us you may experience how we feed the dogs.   Dog food varies by season. It can be fish, sealmeat, and other sorts of meat, but kibble is also a major component of the food. 

This experience will only be available on request. Available late afternoon or evenning in the summerseason 2023. Min participants 5 pax. Duration 1 hour 15 min

Price 250,- dkr. Coffee, tea and snacks included 

See our equipment and hear our stories

At the same time you will be able to see our equipment used for dog sledding, hunting, Ice fishing,  and night over stays on the Ice Fiord. We will tell how it’s used and also tell you exciting stories from our tours and daily life with our sled dog team.

Children are welcome

Children are welcome when they are accompanied with adults. If we have any puppies you may cuddle them also. You will also be able to meet some of the adult sled dogs close up, when we are presenting them on the leash.